Sunday, February 22, 2009

Start the clocks! Flood launch tubes 11 thru 20 and set condition 1-SQ!

It's called "Countdown to Operation Looking Glass"----I say "Countdown" now as its official----Starting March 21st, 2009. I will be part of the team AMERIKA NOW, a radio show that will be hosted on GCNLIVE. Saturdays 8pm -12 Midnight MT. the "Beta-Test" will hopefully allow the show to move to Monday-Fridays in same slot with "encore" show running on Saturdays.
COUNTDOWN to LOOKING GLASS was a movie in the 80's about how a "possible" scenario in which the world suffers a nuclear exchange while the events unfold "LIVE" with a fake news show. This movie aired in the dawning moments of 24 hour news channels. This movie is just one of the many elements that AMERIKA NOW will draw from.
Bruce Lee had a "mantra" that says....Having No Limitation As Limitation and Having No Way As Way. Why more Americans don't follow this is beyond my comprehension, I however do. Working on that model I have adapted this into "Never let anyone tell you NO, who cannot tell you YES." The Conspiracy Keepers not only proved that, but keep on proving it everyday you turn on the media du jour!
We live in a world now fixated with Americans worrying about keeping the job they have instead of DOING the job they have! Fear, confusion, envy, chaos, and greed are used to bombard the "consumer" with worthless trivia! All the while "leadership" creates the madness that only "they" can save us from?
15 + years in Top 40 taught me several things which will all get explained live on air but there is one thing I do want to share to those of you who read this is. The basis for the next project, "101 Way's to stain Stainless Steel", so until next time................
Keep waving the flags of discontent! America IS worth saving!!!

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