Friday, September 22, 2017

Scooter 1 Hr demo September 2017

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Can another Tucson be prevented? Has Jared Lee Loughner ended the Tea Party?

Over the next few days and weeks, "State Houses" across America will start new policies that further prevent law-abiding Americans access to their own house. (That is for another blog post.)

I am not one to ever minimize the tragedy that unfolds when it comes to something as precious as human life, or speculate, yet I must ask the 1st obvious question. Why is it with so little to almost no information can we so quickly enact new security policies, criticize Arizona gun laws, and demand more laws preventing gun ownership?

No, I know what you are thinking...I am not a terrorist. I am an American......No, I know what you are thinking...I am not an extremist. I am an American. No, I know what you are thinking...I am not a conservative. I am an American. Nope....again, I know what you are thinking....I am not a racist, bigot, or homophobic. I am an American.

The New York Times asks "Do you think a toxic political environment contributed to this tragedy? Do you think this will change the political culture of the United States? Do we need to be more "civil" to each other? What do you think politicians, the media, and ordinary citizens could do to ensure something like this doesn't happen again."...

"They" say we need to get out of the fog?

It seems pretty clear to me that the "Mainstream Media" has spent a great deal of time churning the barrel of discontent across this great country. The politicians seem disconnected with their constituency doing what the feel is best for us, as if we were children. The same people who are asking these questions have posed them in such a way that almost demands that "Politicians, The Media, and THE PEOPLE" decide....and it seems to me that the way the questions are phrased, that we are somehow supposed to believe that that is the "new" pecking order because they keep repeating it?

It also dawns on me that I recall this tactic of repeat the lies enough and the people will believe them being used before. The last time it was used, it cost tens of millions of human lives. The problem, reaction, and solution concept in "social-class" warfare seems to be working.

Now that the air is clear...the facts are not. Jared Lee Loughner, a confused young man, under medication, and now in custody. Arizona Gun laws and all state gun laws are now under attack. Politicians and Media seem to be "working" together.....Isn't it time we did the same?

I now will attempt to answer the question(s) in the New York Times piece....Oh wait, I did try.

In my Saturday, October 17Th 2009 article entitled FREEDOM TOWN U.S.A.

Can we talk about this now and not wait any longer?
Can we afford to wait anymore?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Scooter McGee on Face The State

The Scooter McGee Show gets mention in the 10/27/2010 article by Brad Jones on Face The State regarding Accountability for Colorado


Obviously we will be monitoring this story and how Accountability for Colorado addresses this particular situation!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Accountability for Colorado, Bob Boswell, and Scooter McGee ? ? ?

What has the political arena become?

Political candidates used to debate issues, take a stand, and let the voter decide. Now we live in a 24 hour news/media barrage, where if it doesn't bleed it doesn't lead. With electronic mass mailers, texts, and tweets; it's almost as if we want to be told what to do and how to vote, and who for, etc...

I remember when as a broadcaster oh, those many years ago, when you were NOT allowed to tell people what your political persuasion was! Then we had the 80's and deregulation. Ahhh, the bliss to the humble broadcaster who could speak his mind, and allow his listeners to speak their minds as well! Then came the 90's with talk of "conspiracy", fictional bogeymen dressed in black, equipped by a "secret-group" hell bent on some crazy mission of dubious substance.

When the millennium came and went without the world collapsing into darkness, we looked toward the future and we all had hope for a change!

Now, in my humble opinion it seems that to be a successful broadcaster you must align yourself with a political party. Well I am not successful by definition NOR am I politically aligned!

So desperate the powers that be are since I won't speak and I allow others to speak, this is the solution? Killing 2 birds with one stone? Attempting to politicize The Scooter McGee Show to a political candidate?

You have awoken a sleeping giant!
I would wish you luck, but you wouldn't know what to do with it if you got it!

Scooter McGee, Host of The Scooter McGee Show

P.S.---Did ya get permission to use my likeness or use my show name in the mailer?
My lawyer says no calls or contracts came through his office, but I am sure you can forge up something before Friday, October 28Th, 2010 at 12 Noon Mountain Daylight Time.