Monday, September 15, 2008

Conspiracy, Police State, and Media Manipulation while keeping us in fear!

3 Days and counting as Hurricane Ike wreckage being fueled by authorities!
Mayor creates disaster then participates in sneak and peaks sanctioned by state and Federal Government! MAYOR TELLS PEOPLE NOT TO COME BACK?

15 Dead and 3,000,000 without power.
FEMA drags it's feet once again in Texas and HERE is the proof!

Texas Gov. just wants to get what "they" got after Katrina???? We can get relief half way overseas yet still after Katrina we have not learned to take care of our own?
Texas Govenor Rick Perry says to be prepared to be w/o power for weeks!

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I am so glad we can't focus on "The 100 Year Storm"----Hurricane Greenspan!

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