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In the words of FDR...."In the world of politics, if an incident happens, you can bet it was planned that way." With that in mind once you look at the facts of John-John's death, it looks to be a well planned murder just like what happened to his father. To start with let's answer the question "who would want to kill JFK Jr.?" He didn't go down the same path as his dad. He had no real known enemies. As a matter of fact John Jr. kept to himself for the most part. The one thing he did that signed his death ticket was become publicly interested in who killed his father. JFK Jr. was publisher of a political magazine named GEORGE. It was a publication that was targeting the younger generation. Just before his murder, John Jr. was in the middle of a expose' about the real perpetraitors of his fathers murder. The word is he was going to name the names of those involved. Even though most people are dead that were involved in the Presidents murder, there are still some around that have too much to loose to have the truth be told by a credible person like JFK. Jr. George Bush Sr. for one. Bush was the head of the CIA at the time of the Presidents murder and without a doubt still has first hand knowledge of that event in Dallas. To start with, lets look at the facts and compare it with the lies the media wants you believe surrounding the murder of JFK Jr.


Tonight on the show we will be taking a very close look into some of the myths and discuss the TRUTH!

THE LIE YOU'VE BEEN TOLD: JFK Jr. was lost. FACT: When JFK Jr. radioed controllers on the Cape (as reported on Boston TV News) to announce his approach to Martha's Vineyard, radar showed him to be just where he stated he was and at the correct altitude for the approach.

THE LIE YOU'VE BEEN TOLD: JK Jr. was in "over his head". FACT: JFK Jr's conversational tone on the radio reveals that he was calm. He was not disoriented. He didn't ask for directions. He didn't indicate he had any problem at all. He clearly was confident he was going to find the airport and land

THE LIE YOU'VE BEEN TOLD: JFK Jr. stalled the plane. FACT: The radar track shows that he was well above stall speed.

THE LIE YOU'VE BEEN TOLD: JFK Jr. went into a steep turn and lost hi horizon. FACT: There is no reason for JFK Jr. to have been in any turn at all at that point on the flight path leading into the airport. He was already lined up with the main runway at Martha's Vineyard airport.

THE LIE YOU'VE BEEN TOLD: JFK Jr. didn't know his altitude and simply "flew into the ocean". FACT: The radar track shows him flying at the proper altitude, then (as ABC News put it) "falling out of the sky".

THE LIE YOU'VE BEEN TOLD: JFK Jr. lost his instruments, and that is why he could not handle the dark and hazy (?) conditions FACT: The fact that the radar was getting good data from his encoding altimeter proves his instruments were operating.

THE LIE YOU'VE BEEN TOLD: JFK Jr. would have lost his artificial horizon if the vacuum pump failed in the aircraft. FACT: MSNBC is the only media outlet to have tried to hype this one, using a self-proclaimed "aviation expert". His claim is also false, as there is a backup vacuum system in the pitot assembly of that aircraft.

THE LIE YOU'VE BEEN TOLD: JFK Jr. was a reckless pilot. FACT: This claim was planted everywhere in the media, always attributed to an "unnamed source". One reporter, Cindy Adams at the New York Post, later had cause to suspect she had been lied to. So did Andrew Goldman at the New York Observer. Interviews with individuals directly familier with JFK Jr's flying ability shown on Inside Edition confirmed that he was a highly skilled and careful pilot.

THE LIE YOU'VE BEEN TOLD: JFK Jr's wife was afraid to fly with him. FACT: Again a story attributed to "unnamed sources", and again debunked by the interviews shown on Inside Edition. JFK Jr's wife had no problem flying with JFK Jr. and flew with him often.

THE LIE YOU'VE BEEN TOLD: JFK Jr. had only 40 hours experience. FACT: He had 40 hours in that one aircraft. His total experience was about 300 hours, more than enough to qualify him for a commercial pilot's license. According to FAA statistics, 300 hours made him a more careful and safer pilot than one with 1000 hours, who is more complacent.

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