Monday, February 18, 2008

George W. Bush (Republican) signs the most Draconian Gun law in US history!

President Bush Signs H.R. 660, H.R. 3690, S. 863, and H.R. 2640 :

H.R. 2640, the "NICS Improvement Amendments Act of 2007," which requires accurate information on individuals prohibited from possessing firearms to be transmitted by State and local government and Federal agencies to the Justice Department-administered National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS); and provides incentives for facilitating electronic transmission of such information to NICS.

RESOURCES FOR YOU TO UNDERSTAND HR.2640 The bill calls for a guilty before being proven innocent program of separating which Americans may realize the 2nd amendment and which may not. According to the bill any past, present, or future "thought crime" may threaten your right to purchase or own a firearm. Without a trial!The core of the bill's problems is section 101(c)(1)(C), which makes you a "prohibited person" on the basis of a "medical finding of disability," so long as a citizen or veteran had an "opportunity" for some sort of "hearing" before some "lawful authority" (other than a court). Presumably, this "lawful authority" could even be the psychiatrist himself. *Note that unlike with an accused murderer, the hearing doesn't have to occur. The "lawful authority" doesn't have to be unbiased. The citizen or veteran is not necessarily entitled to an attorney -- much less an attorney financed by the government. Children with past diagnosis for ADHD, People diagnosed with Alzheimer's, veterans dealing with PTSD and who seek psychiatric help, men and woman who are charged or suspected of domestic violence, and anyone currently under medication for psychiatric reasons what so ever… Are targets of HR 2640.

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