Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Scooter McGee Show for 2/6/08 with special guest Dane Alexander

Tonight on The Scooter McGee Show is Author, Dane Alexander!

About the Author---

President and CEO of an international investment business for over twenty-four years, DANE ALEXANDER has often been called upon as a lecturer on economic trends and investments, as well as a financial columnist for Millionaire Magazine. Mr. Alexander is known nationally as a radio quest and commentator on economic matters.
Along with his business background, Mr. Alexander trained in a number of esoteric subjects, which gave him an understanding of the dangerous political and climatic course upon which this planet is proceeding and prompted the writing of this book. The result: a rare, balanced understanding of both modern science and ancient methodologies that can really "move mountains."

Our guest tonight discusses his book "MAYA" along with some interesting topics about Global Warming, Conspiracies, and how we can see the truth between the lies! Copies of his book can be purchased HERE

LISTEN LIVE HERE and callers win free copies of his book!

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