Saturday, October 17, 2009

Is it possible to reverse the damage? FREEDOM TOWN USA?

Pop. ??????

I am often known for thinking up some strange ideas, so as I wait for the other shoe to drop in the Balloon Boy story here is one for thought...

As the price of real estate becomes almost free to anyone who is willing to live in the right cities...what if "Like-Minded" individuals who were for the Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and personal liberties flocked like seagulls to Michigan?

What if we agreed to peacefully live in harmony---voted out the criminals and began to reverse the damage? Is the mere suggestion of this "treason"... I know that many will interpret this as a call for civil unrest, a call to arms, and forceable removal of our beloved leaders. THIS IS SIMPLY NOT THE CASE.

Step 1- I suggest that we sell everything we really don't need, gather up 20-50 thousand dollars each, and move to Michigan. Buy a home for 5-8000 dollars and begin the peaceful takeover of a state gone bad by corruption, collusion, and subversion. Owing a home with our pantry's full, gardens attended to, and neighborhoods secure allows us the next step in the creation of FREEDOM TOWN U.S.A. With precious metals as our currency and truth on our side this gives us a REAL chance at allowing a state to once again govern ITSELF!

Step 2- I suggest as productive members of the community we begin to re-organize the communities as has been done so subversively by others and restore true community. Not a community built on welfare, lofty ideas, and broken promises but a REAL community based on REAL production, REAL growth, and most important REAL personal liberties.

I know that so many of you will think that you have heard this before from almost every politician and know that it never gets any legs.

I think this time it's different. This time the odds are in OUR favor. This time we really CAN affect TRUE CHANGE. This time we can make a difference!

Step 3- I suggest that since we are "Like-Minded" and have our bug-out-bags, EDC's, 6-month food and water supply, gold and silver and are out from under of the slave owners and debt free....OWNING our homes in pre-determined areas of Michigan we create FREEDOM TOWNS.

We become city council, we become the media, we become local law enforcement, we become the educators, we become the banking system, we become the health care infrastructure, we become accountable and transparent, we become beholden to those who made this great nation possible!

Is it possible that we have forgotten what our founding forefathers wanted for THEIR great-grandchildren?

Now don't just think you can BUY your way into any FREEDOM TOWN. Just the Top 10 rules of the community are listed here in hopes that all who read this will give INPUT as to what the rules of a real community should be?


1-Must own, know how to operate, and carry a firearm at all times over the age of 18.
2-Must carry at ALL TIMES a copy of the United States Constitution. (NO exceptions)
3-Must know the names of ALL who signed the Declaration of Independence.
4-Must own and use gold and silver as currency.
5-Must fly an AMERICAN FLAG UPSIDE DOWN in front of the home you own in FREEDOM TOWN.
(Flags flown upside down are distress signal)
6-Must be aware that the individual is responsible for all, NOT the vice-versa.
7-Must commit to PRODUCE SOMETHING!
(Work, no matter what that work might be.) NO not slave labor!
8-Must understand TRADE/BARTER and practice TRADE/BARTER.
9-Must be a part of the re-education system of our youth.
10-Must NEVER allow history to repeat itself!

Now I will be eager to see what others think about this silly, treasonous, insane idea.


taxpayer said...

Who is gonna enforce all these rules? You'll need some kind of police force to make sure everyone is carrying what they are supposed to carry and doing what they need to do. Some lawyers and courts to punish violators and argue over what's "productive." Doesn't sound like anywhere I'd want to live.

Rather, I want to live in a place where I am permitted to do or refrain from doing whatever I wish provided I violate no one else's equal rights to do likewise. Where the people may choose to organize themselves to provide services to their community, paid by a tax on sites they wish to own.

Anonymous said...

This is a very challenging concept that demands true self assessment.
A Republic based cooperative?, since citizen rules do not equate to penalty of law. It sound’s like it’s based on commitment, best effort and merit. A community standard that honors US Constitution and Bill of Rights. Established ordinances are mere community agreed guidelines. Again not enforced by penalty of law. A representative council would charter and establish law to be enforced. Enforcement would be elected. Since the community has a free and open press and the community has established a council charter where all disclosure and accountability (both financial and proposed) be available for access and reported to citizens by law. Wait a minute…Isn’t this 1790 group think.

To Taxpayer: – venture capital and export would take care of ridding infrastructure taxes. Additionally you didn’t consider the terms “like minded” and “barter”. I can reduce your cost of what you are taxed by your county for a bowel movement and reprocess the waste safely to be reused as fertilizer. Additionally can give your household protected broadband access to the internet and run the 4 color press for the “Freedomtowne” paper” What do you have to trade? I’m not saying this to put you down just to remind you we are still capable as a people and we have all those things mentioned for Freetown. I’m guilty and complacent too.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea. It's like the free-state project that is already being implemented. However, I would prefer to educate patriots everywhere of the deceptions and have freedom town, usa's all across the nation. The Continental Congress 2009 has just adjourned. It consisted of 48 states represented by delegates. They have drafed the Articles of Freedom which will be taken back to their states and acted upon with Ghandi-like fashion. They will reconvene at a later date with activist en-masse to address the issue of the 14th Amendment.

They are working now to upload the Articles of Freedom to where state and national citizens can sign them and pledge to participate in their civic actions.

I believe this will create freedom town, usa's all across America, as people begin to learn the true nature of the beast.

May God save America!