Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Murder Of Crows

June 27, 2010

Buzz Lightyear is in charge on Capitol Hill. Yes, they (our elected treasonous representatives) have botched our economy so badly that unemployment benefits will have to be extended “to infinity and beyond.”

And the “official” unemployment rate stated by our current mob of Chicago gangsters at 9.7% is . . . well . . . a load of crap. The “official” unemployment rate in this country, without government cooking the books, is 22% and heading higher.

But, according to the smartest man in the world, Helicopter Ben Bernanke, the recession is over and the economy is getting stronger. Maybe Ben should take a ride in his helicopter to get the full picture of what is going on. You see, from January to March of this year, Freddie and Fannie have been foreclosing on a house every 90 seconds, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to the tune of 163,828 properties. High unemployment and a collapsing real estate market somehow equals economic recovery? Go figure!

Maybe what is on display here is the value of an Ivy League education that so many elitists claim to have. Could it be that these educated Marx, Stalin, Mao, Castro wanna be Socialists are in way over their heads when it comes to actual real life decisions and policy making?

But let’s get back to Freddie and Fannie. Have you heard that they have been de-listed? Say what? In simple terms, they are now penny stocks traded over-the-counter with all worthless stocks. Never mind that we (the taxpayers) are on the hook for another $180 billion that they (the District of Criminals) extorted from us (the taxpayers) to prolong their (Freddie and Fannie) imminent failures. Who cares if they own 95%+ of all mortgages in this country with bankruptcies and defaults sky rocketing? Is a penny stock worth another $2 trillion handout? How deep is the black hole? Just wait, Comrade Obama is about to ask (demand) for more “stimulus.”

This so-called economic recovery is nothing but a big bag of crap that Helicopter Ben, Little Timmy, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, and a completely corrupted government have dropped in our laps. No matter what the state-run propaganda media says, this is a bag of crap and it is really starting to stink up the place.

Is it any wonder that the American people are fed up with the level of corruption found in our government? Bottom line, we get the bill for the orgy of leveraged speculation on Wall Street. The SEC and CFTC are worthless regulatory agencies when they do nothing more than slap meaningless fines on companies that profit from their illegal activities. Never any jail time for the “banksters.” Quite the contrary, they just receive absurd bonuses for criminal behavior. Example? Warren Buffet was fined $100 million for stealing $300 million. Crime does pay!

Speaking of criminals on Wall Street, let’s talk about Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan. How is it possible that they never have a losing trade? That’s right; these companies trade in every market in the world and never have a losing trade for an entire year! Give me a break!. That is an impossible feat to accomplish without the complete cooperation of the SEC and the CFTC. On the other hand, duplicate their trading success as an individual investor and see how many audits you draw from the regulators! If you want your blood to boil, google high frequency or flash trading.

Even more disturbing, how is it that Goldman Sachs shorts BP just days ahead of the Horizon Platform failure? Not to mention, BP’s CEO, Tony Hayward, sells a large portion of his BP stock just ahead of the disaster? I am not going to suggest divine guidance in this event because both parties involved are Illuminists who worship at the occult alter of Lucifer. What I am suggesting is an orchestrated event that was needed to pass Cap and Trade (Crap and Charade) legislation that is immensely unpopular with the American voters. Now we can have it shoved down our throats “for our own good.”

Want to hear something a little more disturbing? How about Goldman Sachs shorting United Airlines and American Airlines in the days leading up to 9/11 and acquiring major positions in Halliburton. Coincidence? I think not. No other event at that time would have shaken our American Spirit enough to allow our government to start two endless illegal wars and enact the most oppressive legislation on our history – the “Patriot Act.”

What you have to understand is that all of these events are staged. There is no “left” (Democrat) or “right” (Republican). We have a gang of demonic illuminati that are intent on ushering in a “New World Order” that the majority of “We the People” and all Christians will not be a part of. Please read “UN Agenda 21” and “The Earth Charter.” Both are available at

The Gusher in the Gulf that BP has unleashed is a repeat of the madness the Russians tapped into in the early 1970’s. What? This is going to come as a surprise to many but oil is not a fossil fuel that comes from the remains of decayed dinosaurs. Rather, it is a product of a chemical generating system that occurs deep within the earth’s mantle, which manufactures “abiotic fuel oil” on a continuing basis. The supplies are endless. Has anyone heard that the long exhausted Pennsylvania oil fields are filling up again? How could that be happening unless there is a re-generating process taking place within the earth?

Back to our Russian story. In the early 1970’s, the Russians hit one of these “abiotic fuel oil” chambers at unheard-of-depths of 40,000 feet. What they encountered was a nightmare of pressures that blew their drilling rigs to pieces and unleashed an uncontainable oil spill/gusher/disaster. Now, keep in mind that in the 70’s nuclear testing was still going on in the vast open areas of Mother Russia, so a few detonations in the middle of nowhere aroused no suspicions from the west. However, the mere thought that underground nuclear explosions were the only option available to plug this hole is un-nerving to say the least.

Fast forward 40 years, with improved technology, and BP taps into one of these chambers 32,000 feet below the floor of the ocean in 5,000 feet of water and bang. The pressures encountered were so immense that no blow off preventer (BOP) or series thereof could contain. In other words, no piece of equipment available today can withstand these colossal pressures of 70,000 to 80,000 pounds per square inch (PSI)! When you understand that normal pressure levels at the well head average 1,500 to 2,000 PSI, you begin to understand the magnitude of this problem.

What happens if BP has inadvertently opened Pandora’s Box? Where Russia’s mistake happened on land and was ultimately containable, BP’s mistake happened 5,000 feet down on the ocean floor, where all efforts to contain to this point have failed. If nuclear detonations are the only option available, and are not successful in plugging the hole, but rather, completely rupture the fuel chamber, we could be looking at an end-of-times scenario.

Also, escaping through this hole in the ocean floor are a plethora of deadly gasses. That’s right. The oil is not the only deadly problem here. It is the toxic gasses that are pouring into the Gulf Air Stream. Not only are they toxic to breathe, they are poisonous to plant life when they become a part of rainfall. Ahhhh. And so we add hurricanes to the mix and the situation goes from horrendous to unimaginable.

The Gulf Coast will be uninhabitable if this oil gusher is not contained. Just levels of benzene gas at 3,000 parts per billion, will make human activity impossible when acceptable levels for humans are 0 to 4 parts per billion. People in the gulf doing the cleanup at sea, as well as residents of the Gulf Coast states are already feeling the effects of benzene poisoning – shortness of breath, nausea, and vomiting. This could lead to a mass relocation of Americans as the Gulf Coast becomes too hazardous for humans. Where in America do you put 10 million+ dislocated Americans? We are about to find out if the elusive FEMA Camps are reality or fiction and just how many UN troops are in America to contain us. Or, possibly, Detroit and Chicago can take in the refugees to fill the thousands of vacant properties they are preparing to demolish. Who knows?

Incredibly, Wall Street still manipulates itself higher. The talking heads on CNBC are all promoting a Bull Market. Higher and higher for the DOW, the S&P 500, and the NASDAQ as they sucker punch the sheeple investors into what will be the most destructive bear market the world has ever seen. After hours futures trading on low volume continue to be the economic stimulus for the market. In other words, the financial sector (the banksters) is blatantly manipulating the markets while the SEC and the CFTC turn a blind eye. The complete failure (bankruptcy) of the majority of the states (46) and countless municipalities across America will signal the end of Wall Street by means of a collapsed Bond Market. This economic crisis, combined with the environmental crisis, in conjunction with riots in the streets as banks burn, will be the catalyst for Martial Law in America. The events that unfold this summer could signal the end of the Constitution, suspension of this fall’s elections, and an illegal alien declaring himself King of America.

The fabric of our nation has been ripped to shreds. Our Constitution has been spat on and defecated on by elite globalists who are not loyal to America. This Anti-American Socialist scum rests in our city councils, state houses, federal government, and all the way to our Muslim President (whom we can’t seem to validate as an actual American). They have knocked us to the mat, blackened our eyes, and bloodied our lips.

But the American people are about to get off their knees and deliver a blow that these Illuminists will not believe. We don’t want Socialism, Fascism, Communism or any other form of tyranny that they propose. Let the chips fall where they may when push comes to shove in this globalist game of chicken.

The financial firestorm that is coming will wipe out paper assets. Even cash in you hand is suspect in a drastic dollar devaluation. For example: The dollar today is worth 31% less that it was worth in 2003 while gold has gone up 300% in the same time frame. What do you think happens if the dollar tanks another 50%?

All fiat currencies, made by man, with the sole purpose of defrauding people, are going to become extinct. It is as simple as that. Please transfer all assets you don’t want devalued to zero to gold and silver right now! Precious metals, held in your possession have a liability to no one and will save you from complete and utter financial ruin. Gold and silver are screaming BUY ME – will you open your ears and listen?

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