Saturday, June 12, 2010

A paid consultant for Burger King is now in charge of WHAT?!?

Vice Admiral Regina Marcia Benjamin, M.D., has been placed in charge by Presidential Executive Orders by President Obama to head the THE NATIONAL PREVENTION, HEALTH PROMOTION, AND PUBLIC HEALTH COUNCIL. READ

This is given no press attention with the "crisis" in the Gulf of Mexico. The media in fact aren't allowed to cover stories in the Gulf. Media repeatedly claims no access. Yet, we are getting ready to explain why we need a war with Iran? NOTICE how "POTUS" wants the report NO LATER than the 1st of July 2010!

We learn this week of Ms. Kagan's nefarious dealings during the Clinton Administration, and we are somehow put at ease with this PAID LOBBYIST for Burger King?

Americans are waking up by the tens of thousands every day, yet we have a government that insists on playing game of "Status Quo"?----Why then is Keith Olbermann so upset about fluoride?

The answer is simple....So many lies can only be told so long before they ALL come crashing down!

Now the AMERICAN THINKER has an article all about how all the roads lead to "Obama", and yet no one will ask WHO is behind "Obama"?

In a perfect world we would not have to worry about a nuclear attack yet here we go again!

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