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A Murder Of Crows 6-8-2010

May 27, 2010

Heads They Win – Tails we Lose

Criminality reigns supreme in the United States. From our illegal alien fraud of a President – Barack Hussein Obama (AKA: Barry Sotero) to the treasonous swine on Capitol Hill. All work for the Illuminst bankers that are herding the world like sheep to the gallows of the New World Order. Freedom in America is hanging by a thread in a room filled with knife-wielding demonic radicals. Heaven help us.

Financial reform on Wall Street? Hog Wash! The reform our illuminist government is contemplating will give them the power to regulate to death or destroy all private banks leaving only the illuminist banks that are too big to fail. It’s called corporate Fascism.

Let’s talk about inflation. Our government with its cooked books and revisionist accounting practices, says we have zero. I’ll argue that premise with a little comparison of gold in 1935 and present day 2010. Now, I’m going to assume that those reading this agree that 2+2=4 and are able to do 8th grade math.

The Year is 1933 – Gold is at $35 per ounce

A nice tailored suit costs $20 or .57 ounce of gold

A nice family car costs $800 or 22.86 ounces of gold

A nice family home costs $7,500 or 214.29 ounces of gold

The Year is 2010 – Gold is at $1,225 per ounce

A nice tailored suit costs $700 or .57 ounces of gold

A nice family car costs $28,000 or 22.86 ounces of gold

A nice family home costs $262,500 or 214.29 ounces of gold

If we are to believe our government’s data, then we must believe we have no inflation. How then do you account for gold maintaining its purchasing power over time while paper money is inflated to oblivion? If you are a rational thinker, the answer is that you can’t. On the other hand, if you have a public education and a liberal arts degree, you probably just logged onto your favorite porn site on the internet because the truth brings you down. Peace out, Dude.

Can you say cashless society? The orderly destruction of all currencies and the end of the nation state is the final objective of the satanic cult called the Illuminati. The Mark of the Beast will allow you to purchase and sell “carbon credits,” the new currency of the New World Order. If you decide not to take the mark, your orderly removal and systematic execution at a FEMA camp run by UN Troops is your fate.

Gary Gensler, Chairman of the CFTC, is not going to reign in JP Morgan on its concentrated short positions in the gold and silver markets. NO WAY. NO HOW. How can he? He is one of them. A hand picked Goldman Sachs Illuminist. In my opinion, only a physical shortage of the metals puts an end to this dog and pony show.

In that respect, “We the People” have the ability to dissolve this manipulation. It can be done by the purchase of physical metal for personal possession. No 401(k)s, no IRA’s because they (our Marxist government) are preparing right now to confiscate your retirement. What if people pulled their funds from their 401(k) and IRA plans, paid the taxes and penalties, and bought physical silver and gold to be held privately out of the reach of Herr Obama and his brown-shirt Nazis? My guess is that prices would go into orbit and Wall Street would implode.

From another perspective, what if the mainstream media FACTUALLY reported on the size of the world derivative debt – quadrillion dollars! I would wager a few 1 ounce gold Eagles that money would start to flow like a tsunami into gold and by default – silver – if people saw the real debt they were on the hook for. Especially when more and more people realize governments simply monetize their debt – creating counterfeit money by means of FIAT.

Let’s remember the importance of sound money as our founding fathers intended. The purpose of a gold standard is to bring accountability to government and financial institutions. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Now since your money is tied to your store of gold and your money can only grow if you put on a hard hat, and by great physical effort, extract more gold - - well you get the picture. Under this system, your currency remains strong. No artificial money creation and no inflation. But, it is for this very reason – accountability – that the money changers crucify the gold standard as a barbaric relic.

Without a private bank (The Federal Reserve) that creates money out of thin air, a complacent Congress that illegally surrendered its authority to coin money, and the ability of all Illuminist firms to skirt the law by paying off the lawmakers in order to write laws favorable to them only, this outright rape of the individuals wealth is not possible. These “money changers” have sown the wind but they will reap the whirlwind.

The economic philosophy of Keynes, the destruction of personal wealth by means of inflation through FIAT currencies, is coming to a violent end. Those who worship at the altar of Wall Street and Washington will be ground to dust as this corrupt system comes to an end. BooYah Cramer you Illuminist jerk off. Only those who broke free of the FIAT system by purchasing physical gold and silver have any chance to survive this meltdown financially.

Spiritually, your survival is dependent upon your faith. If you worship money and your moral compass points straight down, no amount of physical silver and gold is going to help you. Sorry! Human Secularism, as taught in our schools, is going to be your passport to a very dark place. You might want to read THE BOOK and see how this all ends.

Did you hear there’s a problem in Greece? Funny, six months ago, their problems were no big deal. What a difference a day makes. If Greece is doomed with a debt-to-GDP ratio of 112%, then what about the USA with a debt-to-GDP ratio of 98%? But hold on! What if we include Fannie and Freddie mortgage debt of approximately $5 trillion? The debt-to-GDP ratio jumps to 130%! Now, just for kicks, let’s add in the unfunded liability of Social Security and Medicare – another $45 trillion. The debt-to-GDP ration suddenly jumps to 421%. WHO is fooling WHO here? If Greece is going belly up with their dept, what in the hell are we going to do with ours?

USA Today reported that in order to pay off our current liabilities, EVERY US family would have to pay $31,000/year for 75 years. Say what? Keep in mind kids, they are afraid to report the trillions and trillions in derivatives that our current financial reform is going to throw into our laps. We should WISH we were only as bad as Greece at this point.

The obvious fact here is that the US economy is circling the toilet bowl and the dollar is being flushed. If it makes anyone feel better, ours is not the only FIAT currency making its way to the sewer. The dollar just happens to be the tallest midget in the room at the moment.

So what is the point? The FIAT system is failing. Humpty Dumpty is about to fall off the wall and there is no repair. The only currency that can’t be devalued or printed is gold. GOT ANY?

Wall Street giveth and Wall Street taketh away. Get ready to test the 6,700 level on the DOW. How soon? Let’s throw mid August to early September out there as my guess. Since 46 states will be insolvent by July 1st, this will give the markets a couple months to digest the civil unrest a “jobless recovery” and insane government spending will bring to America. I’ll stick to my guns and say the DOW equals gold at 4,000 and that silver hits $150 an ounce on its way to the moon. Tell me why in the world more people are not storing physical silver and gold instead of soon-to-be worthless paper currencies? Do you have to be hit by falling space debris to understand the severity of this situation? THE ENTIRE WORLD IS FLAT ASS BROKE!

Let’s go over this one more time! The Illuminists do not own paper of any kind. You, the manipulated idiots, are the owners of fantasy assets. The truth hurts, doesn’t it! You need to swap as much of this FIAT crap as possible – as soon as possible – for tangible assets. Period.


· Physical silver and gold in your possession is Priority #1.

· Have at least six months of food and water needs stored for your family.

· Be armed and prepared to defend yourself if need be.

· Relocate away from metropolitan areas, if possible, to avoid the coming civil unrest.

· Form a group of like minded individuals. Survival will depend on small groups who support each other.

· Have a garage sale and get rid of everything you don’t really need. Convert your cash into debt reduction, storable food stuffs, silver and gold, and guns and ammunition.

· Purchase a good water purification system – Berkey systems are my choice.

· Purchase a generator and a fuel storage system. Check out the solar system available from Solutions from Science.

· Purchase Heirloom, open pollinated seeds and learn how to garden and grow your own food. Seed banks are available from Solutions from Science.

· Learn to live Lean and Mean.

Bob Chapman, who writes the International Forecaster, says it best. “What is broken is not the system, but the morality of the people who run it. The system is owned by the Illuminati. If we don’t oust the Illuminati by buying gold and silver by the truck load and by ousting all the incumbents and their ingrained corruption, the system will never be fixed.”

That is a bulls eye!

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