Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Angry Man Ron Weisflog on The Scooter McGee Show

So America, who won the debate? John McCain on the stump today said the real winner last night was "Joe the plumber!"--- McCain supporters lately have said "take the gloves off"...."go get him!"....and so on and so on! Did John McCain take off the gloves last night?

Ron Weisflog recently yelled at McCain and Palin at a rally speaking for a "Silent-Majority" of Republicans who want the real facts about Barack Obama out!

For 24 hours, he was known primarily as “Angry Man,” the guy at the McCain rally in Waukesha who was “really mad” and urged the Republican presidential candidate to “go get ‘em” on the campaign trail. Audio and video clips of his comments - which included telling McCain “Let me finish, please,” when the senator tried agreeing with him - were played on numerous television broadcasts, the Rush Limbaugh radio show and referenced on countless Web sites.

We welcome Ron Weisflog to the show starting at 9pm MT (10-16-08)

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