Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Beth Harrison on GMO's with Scooter McGee

Tonight on the show is author Beth Harrison. Shedding Light On Geneticly Engineered Food.

As far as US regulatory agencies are concerned, if a biotech company says its products are safe (even with no proof), that is enough for approval. US regulatory agencies trust the "honesty" of many of these same companies with the world's food suppply -- companies that have a long history of knowingly doing business at the expense of public health (I go into detail about these companies in this book).

The fact that GE foods have never been proven safe for human consumption and independent scientists have said GE foods carry serious health risks is concerning to me. I had been feeding GE foods to my kids and had not even known about it. Without labeling, most Americans have no idea they are eating GE foods—and I had been one of them!

In case you missed the show just hit play!
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