Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hurricane Fay and a glimpse into Operation Looking Glass

Tonight on The Scooter McGee Show
Steve Shank from EFOODSDIRECT

What if 70% to 80% of the bees disappeared? Are we dependent on bugs?
We have to store food for our families if we are going to stay free and stay alive.
It is estimated that 70 to 80% of the bees have disappeared.
CNN thinks we might be a little short on honey this year. I think we’ll be tremendously short of two thirds of the food we eat every day. That’s how important the bees are. We don’t know what’s causing the bee problem, but once we find out, there is every indication that it will take a couple of seasons to solve the problem if in fact it can be solved. Please look into the importance of bees and convince yourself how absolutely urgent it is for you to store a supply of food.
We need to take our lives into our own hands and get enough food stored to last until the bees come back. Don’t wait for the government. The Senate did all they are going to do by setting aside a week to honor the deceased pollinators. When the rationing of basic food begins, those who have enough food stored to get them to the next crop will be able to be fearless and secure.
Remember, you’ll never have to stand in a bread line if you have your own bread. (If the bee issue isn’t solved, there won’t be a bread line to stand in.)
Do what it takes to store food now. I’ve got mine–you must get yours.
Why are we dependent on imports when America "could" feed the world?
We have to store food for our families if we are going to stay free and stay alive. In 1959 our country was able to feed the entire world five times over. Last year the planet did not produce as much food as it ate.Our nation presently can't grow enough food to feed itself and is dependent on imports, a high percentage of which come through the Chinese. Our dogs and cats could testify to the dangers of imported food if only they were still alive. The same genetic alteration that killed them is slowly and painfully killing their owners and the rest of us with cancer and immune-deficiency diseases.Do what it takes to store food now.I've got mine–you must get yours.
What if "they" own the water we depend on to grow the food we depend on?
We have to store food for our families if we are going to stay free and stay alive.Last year the planet produced less food than it consumed primarily because of water shortages. Do you realize that major political figures, religious leaders and even respected investment gurus are buying up water rights in the United States? Also, they are buying land over major aquifers (underground rivers) in other countries to control water that is already in short supply. Oil has been referred to as Black Gold-now water is being referred to as Blue Gold.Do you want power? Here's how to get it.Hold the water hostage and you don't even have to control the food.Do what it takes to store food now.I've got mine–you must get yours.
What if the food we are dependent on was all genetically altered?
Would we really glow-in-the-dark walk sideways and one eye travel to the other side of our head or just simply die like the bees, our pets (The Chinese Flour Massacre) along with our friends and neighbors who are victims of immune deficiency "designer" diseases.
Fuel on which we are dependent is expensive and monopolized by "Big Oil".
There isn't enough water to grow food, (on which we are even more dependent than fuel) or bees to pollinate it creating food shortages. I've got a great idea. Let's turn our food into fuel. We'll have plenty of "gas" to drive to the grocery store where there will be nothing to buy. Furthermore we'll teach those oil guys a lesson by not buying as much of their silly old oil. The problem is I can't remember whether body bags are made from soybeans or petroleum. Oh well, no matter.
What is a useless eater?


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