Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Numerologist Predicts Who Will Win the Democratic and Republican Nominations!

Tonight on the show as Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama Debate on MSNBC we go past the headlines of the day and look in a different direction!

Our guest is Tania Gabrielle.
Tania Gabrielle’s active involvement with Pythagorean Numerology dates to her days as a student at Amherst College.

Her first book, The Unseen Power of Your Name, will focus on the effect names have on a person, product or country’s destiny. Using examples of famous people throughout history to the present day, as well as nations, powerful events and products, such as “Coca Cola,” Tania Gabrielle will demonstrate how names set a definite tone for the future. Her unique approach utilizes three sources of Numerology – Pythagorean, Chaldean and Ancient Egyptian.

Show starts at 9pm MT and phone lines are open at 877-363-1310

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