Friday, January 18, 2008

The Scooter McGee Show and Product Placement for KFKA

I have signed off from the NEWSTALK 1310 KFKA studios.
(****1 WEEK ONLY****)
My show is now going "on-the-road" to Park City, Utah. Without the Charles Kuralt haircut!

I hope to be taken seriously at The Sundance Film Festival. I am now in the process of packing up the "show" as I know it to be and get the last element needed for a full rounded show. Scooter..."What "element" do you need?"

Being fortunate enough to interview Politicians, Hero's, Trendsetters, and Celebrities and lucky enough to ask them real questions I think people want answers to, has brought the show to a complete standstill.

Please remember that I sit alone in a bunker. There have been many proponents of the show that state I cannot take the show outside a bubble. There are those also that are convinced that I am sealing my own death in the broadcasting industry by telling trade secrets on the air using comedy as an excuse. Then there are others that say I am only doing this because "no-one knows or cares who you are..."... It's also been said about my show ...."look at it this way Scooter, if your show were a bucket of water taken out of the ocean who the &^%$ would care?"


Scooter...."You do this (your show) all from the comfort of being an enigma, a persona, a voice from the other side and hiding behind imagery".

I am at the point in my career that I can no longer be a "ghost" for others and must face the abyss and understand how much more there is taking the plunge.

All I want is the station that I work for to be #1! I also want everyone to know how great a station I work for, and how committed I am to getting the message out about how GREAT Greeley really is!.... And when it comes to "product placement" I want KFKA in the background!

I want at this point to go on record as saying I really do not do well with the masses! Yet I am great with people...(go figure!) I am used to hiding in front of crowds, not within them. I am a duck on the water. I am able to go from a fly on the wall to the center of attention at Mach 5 without showing duress. (at least in public)

My idols are Ben Franklin, Abe Lincoln, Bruce Lee, John Belushi, Jonathan Winters ,Lenny Bruce, and John DeLorean. I am able to quickly get into a character or costume, but refuse to let anyone I care about get close to me. This is the 1st time in public I will not have costumes, goofy hair, or props in public. It is just a 1 man show on the road.

"Scooter is the next Glenn Beck"...
I can't be a television talk show host. 1st off it is not my want, wish, nor desire. Secondly it is not the field or medium I enjoy. 3rd and probably most important... I have integrity. ( I would NOT have charged my flagship a product placement fee)

I want to thank Micah for all his help this next week. To everyone at KFKA for the tolerance they have shown towards me these last 8 months.

To everyone who told me not to give up, including Trevor, Joe, Marc, John, Garth, Marilyn, Andrea, Mike, Lance, Laurel, Brent, Kathy, Christina, Carl, Ted, Mark, Philip, George and yes even Tyler. You continue to insist that I can and should trust others when they are your friends.
***To My Friends***
You have all kept me from falling into the abyss at this point, therefore for the next 10 days my fate and dare I say the fate of this great nation of ours is in your hands! I will trust just 1 more time about my fate. If this fails, I promise I am buying flannel with my last 20.00 bucks and taking that job as an over the road truck driver!

Besides...when I feel like talking to an audience, I can always pick up a hitchhiker!

Yet I say that.....and I hear Sr. Mary Francis telling me to go out and knock 'em dead!----Funny that I take that away from the nun's!

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