Tuesday, January 15, 2008

PODCAST #1 1-14-08 show hr 1 + ? Show Status

I have found a new "host" for the shows for now. If you still want these shows for your ipods and want to share with your friends... CLICK HERE if you dare!

The Show is on very shaky ground to be quite frank. I want to thank my sponsor POWERSPORTS UNLIMITED for keeping the show "mobile" for the last 6 months! I really hope that they will continue to support the show in 2008! I also cannot be writing this without personally thanking Andrea V*&T for her assistance in keeping the show alive until Thursday. Which brings me to this in case of anything weird happening.

Monday 1-14-08 when I opened my google to look at my email and check my calendar, I saw an event for Thursday at 820am MT. Naturally I forgot about email and went to see what "event" I was to attend this day. The calendar only says... CHANGING JOBS with meeting location at KFKA studios. "H.R." has assured me that not only does he hear positive response on the street, but that the show is not being replaced.
(meanwhile I am scanning his desk and see new hire contracts!)

The show last night discussed the situation within Washington D.C., ... Otherwise known on my show as "The District of Criminals", where we not only gave facts but the voices of those who said it themselves! Omar Bin Laden, a name you will surely hear more about in the future! The "truth" about our new National Intelligence Director and a whole lot more!

Tuesday night, look forward to the Michigan Primary Results LIVE on NEWSTALK 1310 KFKA! Click HERE to listen LIVE!

The show will be on the air FRIDAY 1-18-08 and NOT a "worst of".....
Save your applause until ater hearing the show!

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